Program Types Surveyed in Hunger in America Study

Putney Foodshelf
Conducted every four years, Hunger in America (HIA) is the largest study of charitable food assistance in America. To read the full report, as well as key Vermont findings, visit our Hunger in America webpage. Below is an excerpt of the study, documenting the different categories of programs surveyed. “Four major program types were used […]
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Changing the Food Environment at Food Shelves

VT Fresh
The Vermont Foodbank aims to increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables at food shelves by offering VT Fresh cooking demonstrations and taste tests at selected sites. A primary goal of VT Fresh is to support participating food shelves in increasing their capacity to handle more fresh produce and increasing the demand for fruits and […]
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VISION 2015: A Report to Our Investors, A Post from CEO John Sayles

Vermont Foodbank Meatless Monday
I have prepared this Vision 2015 Investor’s Report on the recent performance of the Vermont Foodbank that has helped feed 153,000 Vermonters, including nearly 40,000 children, who struggle with hunger every day. Collection and Distribution of Food In 2014, we distributed 9 million pounds of nourishing food, exceeding our goal by nearly 10%. This bounty […]
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